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Empowering Multi-tenant BI, Self Service Analytics and Application Integration Solutions.

Business Intelligence services and systems are the core of every organization which empowers your daily reporting, operations, and insights sharing.

Our (BI) Business Intelligence Services will help you extract knowledge from your data, integrate it into (ETL) Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and turn it into daily insights with interactive dashboards. Reliable data analysis and reporting will guide you to faster and more consistent growth, but they require delivery and support from an experienced partner. That’s where Shoolin comes in.

Our Business Intelligence services will help you to step into a data-driven world and modernize your existing business analytics systems and infrastructure. We will help you to extract insights from the data you are collecting and turn it into profits and valuable information.

Shoolin provide companies with Business Intelligence services for data integration (ETL), in-memory analytics, and innovative reporting.

Custom Dashboard Development

Developing tailored dashboard solutions which are scalable, intuitive, and support Enterprises to execute business decisions in real-time.

Embedded BI Capabilities

Empowering Multi-tenant BI, Self Service Analytics and Application Integration Solutions

Streamlined Implementation of BI Applications

Building BI Application with Improved performance, and modern integration abilities.

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