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Driving Innovation in the Automotive Industry with Tailored Software Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Connectivity

Data. Technology. Connectivity. The world of mobility is constantly evolving. And we are evolving with it  for you. At Shoolin Inc , we can help you stay ahead of what’s next with our cutting edge materials, science expertise and our passion for automotive innovation. Whether you’re looking for solutions for electric or autonomous vehicles, or want to reduce the NVH of your fleet, we customize solutions to drive enhanced safety, performance, reliability, and sustainability.

The convergence of digital technologies and the pressing need for a low-carbon economy has disrupted traditional value chains and created new avenues for innovation.

Shoolin Inc has been working with major Automotive giants to help them with the disruptive IT transformation ahead. We provide services aligned to multiple levels of automation.

Global Service Desk:

Operational excellence through the right-delivery strategy

Digital Workspace:

Seamless implementation and flawless end-user support, for any device, anywhere.

Digital and Analytics:

Leveraging technologies such as Big Data, applied statistics, Machine Learning models and AI.

Infrastructure Support:

24x7 enterprise infrastructure management, cloud service management & BCP/DR support.

Application Management:

Following our framework of Automation, Analytics and Agility.

Security Services:

Using continuous learning and improvement models for managing enterprise risk dynamics.

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